Tokyo Auto Show Preview: Suzuki X-Head Concept Car, Now With More Tonka…

Oh yes, we've got more of the rough n' tumble Tonka truck-like action that is the Suzuki X-Head concept car. We still don't have very much information we can give you on it but we've been told it's over 12 feet long and it's powered by a 1372cc engine. All we know for sure is we can't wait to see this thing in person… » 10/04/07 4:50pm 10/04/07 4:50pm

Tokyo Auto Show Preview: Suzuki X-HEAD Concept

The Kamino-cloner car we showed you earlier is one of a few Suzuki concepts we'll be seeing first-hand later this month at the Tokyo Auto Show. A second concept car to see the sheets drop from atop it is the Suzuki X-HEAD concept car. its' like a mix between a Hummer, an El Camino and umm — a Tonka truck? We're at a… » 10/01/07 11:45am 10/01/07 11:45am