More on the KTM X-Bow: Real Photos, Track Testing 101

The KTM wizards dropped a few more photos of the X-Bow track-day roadster ahead of its unveiling in Geneva next month. They're the first real photos we've seen of the Austrian, Audi-powered two seater. We still can't confirm if that's the old Stig behind the wheel. [Thanks to Bernard for the tip.] » 2/20/07 5:34pm 2/20/07 5:34pm

No Compromises: KTM's X-Bow to Drop in on Geneva

Evo stopped by KTM's lair in Austria and got a look at three prototypes of the company's X-Bow track-day ride. Of the three, one's for crash testing, the other for chassis tuning and the third is for show; that's the one shipping off to Geneva in late February. The first production models should hit in mid-2007, and… » 2/02/07 1:30pm 2/02/07 1:30pm