Our WWDC 2014 Liveblog Starts Right Here, Right Now

It's that time of year again! Later today at WWDC 2014, Apple's going to trot out its latest and greatest offerings developments for all the world to see. iOS 8! OS X 10.10! And very possibly a plan to take over your home in a way that should totally not freak you out. We'll be covering it all as it unfolds, right… » 6/02/14 1:02pm 6/02/14 1:02pm

There's A Ferrari FF At Apple's WWDC – What Does It Mean?

Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference is kicking off in San Francisco this morning, and they've parked a matte silver Ferrari FF on the floor of the Moscone Center. But why? » 6/02/14 12:20pm 6/02/14 12:20pm

iOS In The Car Is Coming To Your Chevy Or Ferrari In 2014

Tired of in-car infotainment and map systems with wonky, slow interfaces? Apple thinks they can do better, and they're bringing their redesigned iOS 7 to your car in 2014. » 6/10/13 2:57pm 6/10/13 2:57pm

How Ford Just Got Screwed By Apple

Yesterday's Apple World Wide Developer's Conference isn't a place where you'd expect a lot of car news (other than fake Stig), but the megacorporation revealed how they'll make the iPhone an even more ubiquitous part of your life with announcement of Siri integration with numerous car manufacturers and turn-by-turn… » 6/12/12 10:30am 6/12/12 10:30am

Apple Is Bringing Siri To Your Car So You Can Drive 'Eyes Free'

It was just announced at Apple's 2012 World Wide Developers Conference that the company will work with nine automakers to integrate their Siri voice recognition magic robot into production cars. Remember when we reported on Apple looking for automotive engineers. This might be why. » 6/11/12 2:34pm 6/11/12 2:34pm

Why The Hell Is Apple Using A Fake Stig At WWDC?

Normally, Jalopnik will be the place you come for answers. Right now all we have is questions since someone who looks exactly like The Stig from Top Gear randomly appeared at Apple's World Wide Developers Conference today to promote that Game Center thing Apple keeps talking about but no one uses. » 6/11/12 2:12pm 6/11/12 2:12pm

iPhone 3G, 3GS: Car Gadget Round Up

Apple announced a host of auto-centric applications and features for iPhones both new and old at yesterday's 2009 World Wide Developers Conference, ranging from driving games to TomTom toys to Zipcar control. The full spectrum of new Apple auto-erotica below. » 6/09/09 9:00am 6/09/09 9:00am

Control Zipcar From Your iPhone

Apple announced a new iPhone application for car-sharing service Zipcar at today's 2009 World Wide Developers Conference. The app will allow users to find, reserve and control zipcars from their phones. Yes, control. » 6/08/09 3:10pm 6/08/09 3:10pm