When Ford Was Bonkers: The Ford Econoline Kilimanjaro

It’s sometimes reassuring to know that substances like peyote can solve any problem you may have. Ford needed some sort of van-based show car in 1970, so they just (this is speculation, of course) applied liberal amounts of peyote to their Econoline design team and whammo, out screamed the Econoline Kilimanjaro. All… »9/03/15 8:20pmYesterday 8:20pm

Dragging A Couch Behind An ATV Sure Looks Like Filthy Fun

Old couches generally don’t rank to high on the Fun Potential Scale. They usually get dragged to the curb, or gradually get moister and grosser until they’re a smelly colony of rapidly-evolving funguses, one of which just figured out how to tame fire. But add an ATV and some tow rope into the mix, and it all changes. »9/01/15 9:30pmTuesday 9:30pm

Determined Maniac Thinks He Can Win A Tug-Of-War With A Tow Truck

A perverse part of me sort of admires this idiot. Firstly, because this guy seems to actually own a grape-soda-colored Honda Pilot, and secondly because you have to admire the power of rage-thinking when it can make a presumably mostly-rational human think they can win a tug-of-war with a tow truck and somehow all… »8/28/15 1:07pm8/28/15 1:07pm

Look At This Guy Trailing Taser Wires Running Half Naked Down A Highway

Sometimes, while driving down the highway, you see an accident. Maybe two cars had a fender bender. Other times, while driving down the highway, you see a completely shirtless man sprint past a herd of police, taser wires dangling from his back, flapping in the breeze, doing fuckall to stop his rampage. »8/26/15 9:00am8/26/15 9:00am

I'm Calling Bullshit On This Melting Renault

There’s this video going around right now, shot by a British tourist in Italy, of a Renault Megane that seems to have had most of its plastic and rubber trim melted off by the 37°C/99°F heat. While I’m not disputing that the car clearly has some obvious heat damage, I don’t think the 99°F weather is all to blame, nor… »8/12/15 3:00pm8/12/15 3:00pm

This Car Somehow Managed To Acquire A Gaping Hole In Its Engine

Holes in engines. They’re good things, really. You can pour oil into them, you can thread oil filters around them, you can bolt carburetors onto them, you can stick sweet headers over them, you can even plop an awesome free-flowing intake right onto them. Enormous holes in oil pans, though? Yeah, those are usually not… »8/07/15 2:36pm8/07/15 2:36pm

I Ate Hot Dogs From An R/C Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Drone And It Was Amazing

It’s National Hot Dog Day, which is our most truly American holiday. Plenty of nations celebrate independence, presidents, and arbors... but how many celebrate encased meat? I enjoyed the day by eating Oscar Mayer hot dogs out what can only be described as a remote controlled hot dog-serving drone. AMERICA! »7/23/15 5:30pm7/23/15 5:30pm

This Is How Google's Dreaming Robot Sees Cars

Ever since Google revealed Deep Dream, a neural-network (you know, like the Terminator) visualization tool that takes normal images and turns them into recursive, creepy, cyber-Hironomous Bosch hellscapes, I’ve wanted to see how it would affect images of cars. And now I know. And I’m not sure if I’ll sleep again.… »7/13/15 4:02pm7/13/15 4:02pm

New Disturbing Video Of Pickup Truck Driver Indicates Floor Is Lava

On first viewing, one could easily mistake this Gentleman Motorist for someone who is quite, in fact, inebriated. But they would be wrong. What we have here is someone clearly vexed by a problem known throughout the land to schoolchildren for ages. The floor is lava, and it must be avoided at all costs.
»7/08/15 9:05pm7/08/15 9:05pm

The Volkswagen 'Fusck Up' Is The Best/Worst Car Name Ever

Last week, while researching the bizzare VW-powered Emis Art, I found another Emis product that grabbed my attention in a way I normally only associate with an unexpected hand to the genitals. The product itself, while interesting, wasn’t the shocking thing. It was the name, which, upon a quick glance, looked to be… »6/29/15 8:00pm6/29/15 8:00pm

Dartz Is Making Baby Seats That Protect Your Kid From Assasination

You know, a lot of baby seat manufacturers talk a big game when it comes to safety. And sure, maybe they help out in a car wreck, but if you have an important baby — an influential baby — a car wreck is the least of your worries. Luckily, our pals at Dartz are here to help, with the only bulletproof baby seat around. »6/26/15 11:59am6/26/15 11:59am

Why Are All 'Girls Working On Cars' Photos So Freaking Terrible?

There’s more women working with cars now than there’s ever been. Both the Charger Hellcat and the new Cadillac CTS-V are projects helmed by women, for example. But if you try to find pictures of women working on cars, you’re pretty much limited to pictures of what appear to be sexy idiots with grease streaked on them. »6/17/15 2:50pm6/17/15 2:50pm

Dealership Roof Collapse Ends In Massive Audi-valanche

I’ll be the first to admit that what you’re looking at looks completely fake. But it isn’t. It’s a screengrab from a BBC video. The roof-top parking lot of an Audi dealership in the British city of Milton Keynes just completely caved in, sending approximately 20 cars crashing down into a mountain of cars below. »6/01/15 3:40pm6/01/15 3:40pm