I Can't Tell If This Certifiably Insane Tank Design Is Serious Or Not

The craziest high-tech innovation to hit the battlefield in ages boasts millimeters-thick sheet metal, black powder time bombs, battering-blades and a heavy armament of bottle rockets. No—it isn’t the advanced replacement to the M1 Abrams battle tank, it’s the Ghanaian Kantanka and it’s laughably terrifying.


Jenson Button And Wife Gassed In Home, Robbed Of $465K Worth Of Stuff

In a crime that sounds as if it was from a James Bond film instead of real life, F1 driver Jenson Button and wife Jessica Michibata were robbed in a vacation home in the south of France. Burglars pumped anesthetic gas through the home to knock the couple out before stealing over $465,000 worth of items.


Why Is An F/A-18D Making An Approach On An Amphibious Landing Dock?

This video of a USMC F/A-18D making an approach to land on the USS Bonhomme Richard LHD-6 is bizarre. The thing is that VMFA(AW) squadrons, who fly the USMC's missionized two-seat F/A-18Ds, don't embark on super carriers and there are a lot better places to work on your instrument approach skills. So... what the hell?