It's Too Bad Elon Musk Wouldn't Even Give Dan Neil A Full Tesla Model S…

I've got this sneaking suspicion that the Tesla Model S is a great car. Throw out all of the questions about the car's underpinnings, the conditions of range, and the prospects of selling 20,000 of these a year and it probably is great. I know I'm excited to drive one at some uncertain point in the future. » 7/07/12 9:00am 7/07/12 9:00am

The Wall Street Journal's "Big" Plan For Ford, GM

The WSJ proves yet again despite being a newspaper on business often times they appear to know nothing about business. The triumvirate of WSJ talking heads, Rob Cox, Edward Chancellor, David Vise are offering up their version of a "solution" to GM and Ford's woes. For some strange reason Cox et al. believe the way to… » 7/18/06 11:12am 7/18/06 11:12am

Why Can't Every One Be a Porsche: WSJ on the Luxury-Car Boom

The Wall Street Journal waxes journalistic on the broadening market for luxury cars, explaining a concept purists (of any make) will consider incitement to riot: "If a garage has room for four vehicles, why can't every one be a Porsche?" Porsche's upcoming Panamera (spec. pictured) is but the latest example of the… » 7/25/05 10:16am 7/25/05 10:16am