It's Too Bad Elon Musk Wouldn't Even Give Dan Neil A Full Tesla Model S…

I've got this sneaking suspicion that the Tesla Model S is a great car. Throw out all of the questions about the car's underpinnings, the conditions of range, and the prospects of selling 20,000 of these a year and it probably is great. I know I'm excited to drive one at some uncertain point in the future. » 7/07/12 9:00am 7/07/12 9:00am

Toyota Planted WSJ "Driver Error" Story. So What?

An unnamed spokesperson at NHTSA, the U.S. agency responsible for examining Toyota unintended acceleration problems, claims last week's Wall Street Journal story asserting "driver error" was the main cause, was planted by Toyota. It probably was. Good for them! » 7/15/10 2:00pm 7/15/10 2:00pm

Report: Chrysler Hires Bankruptcy Firm Jones-Day

The WSJ is reporting Chrysler hired bankruptcy firm Jones-Day "several weeks ago" to "prepare for imminent financial failure." More below the jump. » 12/05/08 1:10pm 12/05/08 1:10pm

The Wall Street Journal's "Big" Plan For Ford, GM

The WSJ proves yet again despite being a newspaper on business often times they appear to know nothing about business. The triumvirate of WSJ talking heads, Rob Cox, Edward Chancellor, David Vise are offering up their version of a "solution" to GM and Ford's woes. For some strange reason Cox et al. believe the way to… » 7/18/06 11:12am 7/18/06 11:12am

Prelude To Maximum Grillage: When Autos Attack!

Well, they may not be attacking yet, but they are certainly getting angrier looking. They are getting demonic grins, glaring eyes and jutting foreheads. To tell you the truth, cars are turning into some mean-looking vehicles. Here's a question for the automakers...why all the anger? Do you not like us anymore? Are we… » 3/14/06 3:25pm 3/14/06 3:25pm

Why Can't Every One Be a Porsche: WSJ on the Luxury-Car Boom

The Wall Street Journal waxes journalistic on the broadening market for luxury cars, explaining a concept purists (of any make) will consider incitement to riot: "If a garage has room for four vehicles, why can't every one be a Porsche?" Porsche's upcoming Panamera (spec. pictured) is but the latest example of the… » 7/25/05 10:16am 7/25/05 10:16am