Wrightspeed X1 EV Takes on Ferrari, Porsche

Considering the Wrightspeed X1, in essence an electric-powered Ariel Atom, weighs a buck-o-nothing, and that it has a high-torque, high kilowattage electric motor that's already been proven in other electric supercars, its performance is not altogether surprising. It's just the matter of degree to which it dusts a… » 9/12/06 9:02am 9/12/06 9:02am

The Geeks Inherit The Track

After numerous tips flooding our inbox about an electric racer that can beat the Bugatti Veyron we decided to get off our asses and post about it. Apparently, dot.commers are investing in lots of new businesses including boutique carmakers. Ian Wright, an entrepreneur from New Zealand, has crafted a race car that runs… » 5/05/06 3:41pm 5/05/06 3:41pm

A New Electric Supercar: The Wrightspeed EV

If you still thought electric cars were only good for carrying pissed-drunk men wielding metal clubs, the Wrightspeed EV — shown in a video sent by one Jalopnik reader — will likely change your outlook in a hurry. Using an already quick-and-ready (and street legal) Ariel Atom open-wheel roadster as a donor car,… » 1/06/06 11:14am 1/06/06 11:14am