Wrightspeed X1 EV Takes on Ferrari, Porsche

Considering the Wrightspeed X1, in essence an electric-powered Ariel Atom, weighs a buck-o-nothing, and that it has a high-torque, high kilowattage electric motor that's already been proven in other electric supercars, its performance is not altogether surprising. It's just the matter of degree to which it dusts a… » 9/12/06 9:02am 9/12/06 9:02am

A New Electric Supercar: The Wrightspeed EV

If you still thought electric cars were only good for carrying pissed-drunk men wielding metal clubs, the Wrightspeed EV — shown in a video sent by one Jalopnik reader — will likely change your outlook in a hurry. Using an already quick-and-ready (and street legal) Ariel Atom open-wheel roadster as a donor car,… » 1/06/06 11:14am 1/06/06 11:14am