For $2,900, it’s a great rally car

Mazda's 323 was the replacement for a small runabout the company dubbed the GLC, or Great Little Car. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe 323 is not just a real GLC, its turbo'd 4WD makes it a GTX, but will its price make it a POS? » 11/22/11 8:00am 11/22/11 8:00am

See all the crashes from Day 1 of Rally Finland

WRC Rally Finland may have officially ended yesterday with an overall victory for Sebastien Loeb, but several WRC racers exited the rally a lot earlier and a lot less successfully than the French driver. As you can see from this video footage, there was no shortage of large crashes during Day 1 of Rally Finland. » 7/31/11 11:00am 7/31/11 11:00am

How I tricked real racers into believing I was Ken Block

I've wanted to be a World Rally Championship driver ever since I saw Prodrive running BMW E30 M3's in the late 1980s. And for a brief moment I was one of those beloved athletes, cheered by fans and professional racers alike. Sadly, it was just a trick. » 7/13/11 3:30pm 7/13/11 3:30pm

Watch Kimi Raikkonen almost Scandi flick his Nascar truck

This morning, former Forumla 1 champion Kimi Raikkonen drove his first practice in a Nascar race truck ahead of the race in Charlotte tonight. See if you can spot the moment where a Scandinavian flick comes in handy. » 5/20/11 2:30pm 5/20/11 2:30pm

The $500 Craigslist rally car returns to Mexico

Bill Caswell made history a year ago when his old, thrown-together $500 Craigslist BMW triumphed over $400K race cars to make the podium at the WRC Rally Mexico. For Caswell, our story about his exploits changed his life and made him a semi-star. » 5/09/11 10:30am 5/09/11 10:30am

Taking flight with the rally-ready Mini Countryman

Reaction to the concept of Mini returning to the World Rally Championships where it once reigned supreme with the bulbous Countryman has been somewhat mixed. Here's video proof from Mini that with enough race prep, pigs can fly. » 5/02/11 2:30pm 5/02/11 2:30pm

Kimi Raikkonen going to NASCAR

Former F1 star and current WRC racer Kimi Raikkonen is heading to NASCAR according to Autocar. "'I'm really looking forward to get there to familiarize myself to the world of Nascar'' he reportedly told a Finnish newspaper. » 3/29/11 9:45am 3/29/11 9:45am

Day one Global RallyCross Championship win for Marcus Gronholm

You would never guess two-time rally champion Marcus Gronholm hasn't raced in the WRC since the end of 2007 from his dominant Day 1 performance at the Global RallyCross Championship yesterday. » 3/26/11 12:30pm 3/26/11 12:30pm

Ken Block destroys Ford Fiesta RS in pre-WRC race crash

Ken Block's hopes of success in World Rally Championship took a tumble Wednesday when he rolled his Ford Fiesta five times during a pre-race shakedown. Block and co-driver, Alex Gelsomino,were hospitalized but not seriously injured. Next stop: Argentina. » 3/24/11 11:00am 3/24/11 11:00am

You wish your mechanic was this hot

When we wrote up Bill Caswell's exploits as the $500 Craigslist rally driver we never expected it to be one of the year's biggest stories. Bill's still got the E30, but he's since upgraded his shop crew. » 3/03/11 3:30pm 3/03/11 3:30pm

Rally driver gets speeding ticket, forces navigator to drive

Citroën's Peter Solberg got popped doing 70 mph in a 50 mph in between Rally Sweden stages, forcing him to surrender his license. His co-driver had to drive the car in between stages. They still placed fifth. » 2/18/11 2:45pm 2/18/11 2:45pm

50 years of driving sideways

About as complete a history of modern (as of the early 2000s) rally driving as you'll find, anywhere, compressed into just 90 minutes. Watch it for the slow-motion shots of leaping Mitsubishis and interviews with the late, great Colin McRae. Or just watch it because it sounds like my dreams taste. (Thanks to… » 2/17/11 1:30pm 2/17/11 1:30pm

Ken Block reveals WRC Ford Fiesta, team cheerleaders

I wish most mundane announcements could be presented to techno videos with Swedish dancing girls and a WRC Ford Fiesta in the background, like Ken Block did with his WRC schedule. School closings, dental appointments, jury notices — all could use the occasional visual gymkhana. » 2/08/11 3:30pm 2/08/11 3:30pm

Did Ken Block win or fail in 2010?

Was 2010 driver/shoe mogul/flatbill hat model Ken Block's best year ever, or was it all just one massive fail? On the one hand, Gymkhana 3 saw him drifting up a wall and racking up a gazillion YouTube viewers. On the other hand, he crashed more than Charlie Sheen and lost his own Gymkhana race... to Tanner Foust. » 2/03/11 1:30pm 2/03/11 1:30pm

The new Mini WRC is a giant monster

On the left is the famous Mini "Monte" of Monte Carlo Rally fame. On the right is the Mini WRC, or what happens when Monte decides to fornicate with a Clubman at the Holiday Inn & Suites Chernobyl. They got together for a photo op, though it just leaves us wanting the original that much more. » 2/02/11 1:00pm 2/02/11 1:00pm

Ask Me Anything: Ken Block Edition

Rally driver and shoe mogul Ken Block's turned his Gymkhana videos from internet sensation into a racing series, Fiesta motorsports kit, and a rally career. Now he's taking a break to answer your questions in the comments below. » 12/01/10 5:15pm 12/01/10 5:15pm

Ken Block Wrecks In Practice, It's Gotta Be The Shoes

Despite being the first American to score points in the WRC since the '80s, Ken Block is still working on keeping his powerful Focus RS upright. Exhibit A: This video of him rolling during practice. » 11/12/10 9:30am 11/12/10 9:30am

2011 Ford Fiesta RS WRC

Ford wanted to emphasize the connection between its new barnstorming Fiesta WRC car and the humbly–awesome production subcompact. That's meant more production parts in the interior, a new EcoBoost DI/turbocharged engine and, well, not much else. » 10/01/10 11:45am 10/01/10 11:45am