No, Your City Doesn’t Have The Worst Drivers

As many of you know, I recently moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where – and I am told this by several longtime residents – the drivers are the worst. I find this interesting, however, because I had previously lived in Atlanta, Georgia, where many native Atlantans had assured me that local drivers are the worst. » 2/17/15 2:56pm 2/17/15 2:56pm

Q: Is This Guy Still Trying to Back Out of a Parking Lot? A: Yes

An incredibly inept BMW driver got trapped in a snowy parking lot hell of his own making last week. The resulting surveillance video is a profound lesson in expectations—just when you think theres no way this guy is going to get boxed in again, he goes and gets blocked in again. » 12/08/14 8:25am 12/08/14 8:25am

Screw NYC and LA, DC is Hell for Drivers

The beauty of being a car enthusiast is seeing cars as more than mere appliances. Unfortunately, this mentality doesn't always stretch to daily driving. There certainly are moments where my car is nothing more than a mere appliance, trudging through traffic, the dual clutch box more jerky than when I accidentally… » 2/25/14 3:50pm 2/25/14 3:50pm