How To Make The World's Highest Road More Extreme: Mountain Bike It

Kiwi mountain bikers Kelly McGarry and Jeremy Lyttle rode what's reported as the world's highest road, and right off it, in the Himalayas at 18,380 feet above sea level. The video's beautiful and will get you fired up for your next "road trip." » 2/18/15 8:10pm 2/18/15 8:10pm

Stories From 'The World's Highest Road' Amid Disappearing Glaciers

Commonly known as the highest road in the world, the Khardung-la pass at 17,582 feet is dizzying and dangerous. But it is "child's play" compared to how it once was, before climate change began erasing its defining glaciers. » 8/20/14 2:12pm 8/20/14 2:12pm