Hit It, Boy! Helmetless, Hopped-Up Power Wheels Hoonage

The ATV-assisted Power Wheels hoonage we saw yesterday showed some medium-grade disregard for safety, all right. But how about when you get a younger kid, lose the helmet, and juice up his Power Wheels truck with about ten times the factory power? This boy showcases some serious drifting skills as he lays hard plastic… »4/18/08 10:40am4/18/08 10:40am

World's Best Mom: Buckles Up Case Of Beer Instead Of Toddler

Floridian Tina Williams had had "a few" drinks, lacked a driver's license, and was seen running a red light and swerving across traffic lanes; she played the "I was running out of gas" attempt-to-get-out-of-DUI card with the arresting officer, with predictable lack of success. So far we're not even talking local news… »2/08/08 8:00am2/08/08 8:00am

World's Best Dad: Drunk 13-Year-Old Forced To Drive Drunk Dad Home

So you're sampling the nightlife of bustling Clio, Michigan, and you've taken your 13-year-old son along for a family-bonding-style evening of Long Island Ice Teas chased with Bacardi 151 shots. Well, sure enough, here comes closing time... and you just don't feel up to navigating the ol' truck back home to Flint.… »11/16/07 8:30am11/16/07 8:30am

World's Best Dad: Kids Repo'ed With Car While Dad Snacks

This sort of reminds us of an episode of CHiPs where a kid gets accidentally kidnapped when someone steals a car, except this is much funnier. A Spokane man left his kids locked in his 1996 Ford Explorer momentarily while he ran in for doughnuts, which is a good reason to abandon kids. It apparently takes dad a while… »11/15/07 5:00pm11/15/07 5:00pm