This Is The New World Record For The Tightest Reverse Parallel Parking Job

The previous world record for reverse parallel parking has been shattered. Before this week, the record stood at a combined 35 centimeters between the car and the vehicles front and behind, a yawning chasm large enough to sail the entire Nimitz-class aircraft carrier fleet, ten cruise ships, and, of course, YO MOMMA… »11/13/15 12:43pm11/13/15 12:43pm


Tuk Tuk Driver Sets Awesome 1.37-Mile Record For Driving On Two Wheels

Jagathish M is a tuk tuk driver from Chennai, India, who has an interesting hobby: pulling off sweet stunts with his work vehicle. He specializes in side-wheel driving – where the Tuk Tuk goes on two wheels instead of three – and just set a ridiculous 1.37-mile record for side-wheeling.
»11/06/15 8:50am11/06/15 8:50am

Here's All Four Hours Of The World Record For Snowmobiling On Water

Did you know that the world record for riding a snowmobile on something that isn’t snow, but is rather melted snow (water), is an actual thing??? Well, it is a thing, and Norway’s own Morten Blien just rode his ‘mobile on water for damn near four hours. Here’s video of the entire thing, in case you didn’t think it was… »9/22/15 4:39pm9/22/15 4:39pm