Here's All Four Hours Of The World Record For Snowmobiling On Water

Did you know that the world record for riding a snowmobile on something that isn’t snow, but is rather melted snow (water), is an actual thing??? Well, it is a thing, and Norway’s own Morten Blien just rode his ‘mobile on water for damn near four hours. Here’s video of the entire thing, in case you didn’t think it was… »9/22/15 4:39pm9/22/15 4:39pm

Watch A Twin-Turbo Ford GT Hit 257.7 MPH In One Mile

Texas doesn't have four seasons. Texas has two: Hot and not-hot. Twice a year during the not-hot times gearheads gather on a long strip of concrete to see who can blast the fastest standing-mile time. This weekend's running of The Texas Mile brought out a Hennessey-tuned Twin-Turbo Ford GT that ripped a spectacular… »3/26/12 10:15am3/26/12 10:15am