This Custom Airstream Is The Ultimate World Cup Tailgating Rig

In Honor Of The World Cup, Let's Revisit The Glory That Is Car Soccer

According to my Facebook feed, something called the World Cup is currently taking place. While I'm following it even less than I follow other ball-based sports, even I realize it's kind of a big deal — because it's a great occasion to revisit one of Top Gear's greatest hits. » 6/26/14 5:36pm 6/26/14 5:36pm

Soccer Fan Calls Police On America's Worst Neighbor

Sunday evening, Massachusetts police dealt with a NASCAR fan who was so grumpy about his South American neighbor's World Cup celebrations that he called to tell her that she was taking jobs away from Americans. Yes, really. » 6/24/14 8:46am 6/24/14 8:46am

Here's How Astronauts Watch The World Cup From Space

It turns out that even while in space, the six inhabitants of the International Space Station have a way to tune into the World Cup that doesn't involve looking out the window as they pass over Brazil. So how do they, along with NASA, make it possible to watch the games live? » 6/21/14 2:33am 6/21/14 2:33am

Can Someone Explain The Mercedes Ad Iranians Saw During The World Cup?

If you've ever wondered how Mercedes is trying to sell the C-Class in Iran, here's your answer. In short: With its hazards on. » 6/17/14 10:07am 6/17/14 10:07am

Delta Just Tweeted A Giraffe To Represent Ghana, Because Africa

Team USA just played one hell of a match against Ghana in the World Cup. So Delta Airlines paid homage to these wonderful athletes with a Statue of Liberty and a giraffe. » 6/16/14 9:02pm 6/16/14 9:02pm

NASA Explains How The 2014 World Cup Soccer Ball Is The Best Ever

Had you heard about the absolute disaster that revolved around the 2010 Adidas Jabulani soccer ball, used in that year's World Cup? Yeah, me either. But professionals used words like terrible, disaster, and catastrophe to describe its performance. How has Adidas changed the ball for this year's Cup? » 6/15/14 12:11pm 6/15/14 12:11pm

World Cup Car Commercials- Who Did It Better?

Guy Drives '55 Chevy From California To Brazil For Love Of Soccer & Life

Ben Oude Kamphuis is a big Dutch soccer fan with a big heart. In January he took a break from his job helping disabled kids to drive his ancient pickup from San Francisco to Brazil and just made it, spreading his positive attitude the whole way down. » 6/12/14 12:23pm 6/12/14 12:23pm

Lufthansa Renames Eight Of Its Planes For The World Cup

German airline Lufthansa is encouraging passengers and soccer football fans to "get the football fever, experience Lufthansa, and discover Brazil" by swapping titles on eight aircraft - calling them "Fanhansa." » 5/16/14 8:18pm 5/16/14 8:18pm

Brazil Wants To Blow You Out Of The Sky If You Fly Over The World Cup

In anticipation of the World Cup soccer tournament this summer, Brazil has announced that it will enforce no-fly zones within a 4 nautical mile radius of the twelve Cup stadiums. As the law currently stands, unresponsive planes cannot be shot down over populated areas, but the Brazilian Air Force is hoping to change… » 3/26/14 4:30pm 3/26/14 4:30pm

Yaris-Yaris-Yaris! Toyota's Gone World Cup Crazy In England

We remember when the World Cup came to the motor city back in 1994 — we saw the first-ever indoor World Cup game at the soon-to-be demolished Pontiac Silverdome. It was an epic struggle between two powerhouses — the US and Switzerland — and by powerhouses we mean both teams bumbled to a tie. The best part was how… » 6/14/06 9:31am 6/14/06 9:31am

16 World Cup Players Stop Playing With Their Balls For A Moment; Show…

It seems soccer players are like most guys, they're either playing with balls or they're off playing with their cars. Sometimes they do both at once. Here's a little photo montage of 16 World Cup soccer (futbol) players and the cars they love to drive. We figure if you're watching soccer, you might as well have… » 6/08/06 6:05pm 6/08/06 6:05pm