Small Car, Small Mistake

The ex-Paddy Hopkirk 1965 Mini Cooper S works rally car being driven — and offed — in anger at last weekend's Goodwood Festival of Speed. Adorable. Rallying needs to be adorable again. Photo Credit: Richebetspics/Flickr » 7/07/10 8:30am 7/07/10 8:30am

Hot Hatch Showdown

With auto show season officially, mercilessly and thankfully over, the Jalopnik Fantasy Garage stands to be full in just six weeks. A short time by any standard, but especially so when distilling over a hundred years of automotive excellence into just 50 vehicles. Two weeks ago saw the induction of the Cadillac… » 3/25/08 1:00pm 3/25/08 1:00pm