Wood Nanocrystals Are Like Carbon FIber Only Lighter, Stronger, And Cheaper

The US Forest Products Laboratory, taking a break from their lucrative pinecone-powered robotics projects, have opened a new $1.7 million pilot plant around Madison, WI to develop new nanocellulose materials. The new wood-based materials can be stronger and lighter than both Kevlar and carbon fiber, at about ten… » 9/04/12 3:00pm 9/04/12 3:00pm

Wood-Burning Dodge Trucks Burning Coast-To-Coast

Not only has Wayne Keith developed a system that allows a normal automobile to run on burning wood, but he's also planning a coast-to-coast drive from South Carolina to California to prove it's the real deal. Basically the system gassifies the wood and feeds the syngas into the standard engine. It can run on pretty… » 8/21/08 3:20pm 8/21/08 3:20pm

Wood Paneling, Schwood Paneling: How About An Opel Made Entirely Of Tree?

I hold a special area of my heart for wood paneling. Every since I was kid riding around in the wood-paneled station wagon, I always enjoyed this look. One particular individual has taken wood paneling to a completely new level by replacing the entire body of an Opel with wood panels. My natural instinct is to suggest… » 3/27/08 3:45pm 3/27/08 3:45pm

What Wood He Do for A Twin-Cad-Motored Car?

The last thing you'd expect from a man named Nickel is a car made of mahogany. (We daren't go for the wooden-Nickel joke.) But that's just what Jerry Nickel, of Apache Junction, Arizona came up with. Powered by two 500-inch Cadillac mills, each driving one set of wheels, Nickel's creation was built over four years… » 4/13/06 1:36pm 4/13/06 1:36pm