NY Times Calls Hillary-Endorsing Sarah Fisher IRL's "Top Woman"

In a long article about the Indiana Democratic Primary, there's a picture of Hillary Clinton getting the endorsement of IRL racer and team-owner Sarah Fisher, with the caption "Hillary Rodham Clinton paid an election-day visit to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Tuesday to appear with race car driver Sarah Fisher, a… »5/06/08 4:40pm5/06/08 4:40pm


President Bush Focused On Gas Prices, Has No Idea How Much Gas Will Cost

It's a tough job being the president. The amount of information relevant to running a country of our size is daunting. So when President Bush says that he's unaware that gas could hit $4 a gallon this spring, despite all the news coverage about the issue, we'll cut him some slack. He probably hasn't filled up a car in… »2/28/08 1:20pm2/28/08 1:20pm

State Of The Union: Bush Pays Weak Lip Service To Automotive Technological Innovation

As opposed to previous years, the president used only a small part of his State of the Union address to talk about the importance of reducing our dependence on foreign oil. We've read and reread the portion of the speech dedicated to energy and... well... there isn't much there. Mostly, he talked about funding the… »1/28/08 9:44pm1/28/08 9:44pm

Bush Threatens to Veto Energy Bill, No Likey CAFE Standards

President Bush is content with letting his presidency be remembered for stretching the truth to get us into an economically and strategically harmful conflict in the Middle East. But he'll be damned if he'll be remembered for letting congress raise the corporate average fuel economy mandates to 35 mpg! The industry is… »12/04/07 10:22am12/04/07 10:22am

Senator Feinstein to Toyota: Stop Making Fun of Fresno

Toyota has decided to pull and re-edit the above the "farting cows" commercial we showed you last week after California Senator Dianne Feinstein complained that it made unfair fun of Fresno (it didn't). The advertisement for the Prius indicated in the future "gas stations will become nothing more than low-budget… »11/13/07 10:15am11/13/07 10:15am

DC Cabs To Get Meters Like The Rest Of The Country

Years ago I made the rookie, post-collegiate mistake of taking a cab in Prague. Burning a hole in my pocket were 700 or so Czech crowns, the then equivalent of five bucks. I only had a mile or so to go, but the cabbie started driving all over the place, eventually taking me far up into the hills. As the meter clicked… »10/18/07 8:45am10/18/07 8:45am

John Edwards Needs To Get Rid Of His Cadillac SRX, Pot-Black Paint

Y'all remember John Edwards railing against SUV's earlier this week? Yeah — we do too. Somehow as we were reading his comments, we kinda knew this was coming. Really, we were just waiting for someone to dig up something like this on the former Senator, Presidential contender and man who wants to kill all trucks and… »8/31/07 1:45pm8/31/07 1:45pm

John Edwards Wants You To Take SUV's Away From Yourself

John Edwards, candidate for President and owner of an impenetrable hair shell, wants us bad 'mericans to stop driving those gas-guzzlin' SUV's. He told a group of machinist union members today in Disney World that he wants 'mericans to start sacrificing, and getting rid of SUV's is the way to start. So trade yours in… »8/29/07 12:30pm8/29/07 12:30pm

Hey Auto Journalists, NHTSA Administrator Nicole Nason Is Waiting To Take YOUR Call!

The NYT Wheels Blog tipped us off to a little issue with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). It seems that NHTSA Administrator Nicole Nason, a Bush appointee who's taken a page out of the Cheney book of governmental transparency, has forbid the staff at the US Government's agency for safety… »8/23/07 10:15am8/23/07 10:15am