Celebrating 65 years of the Beetle in America

On Jan. 17, 1949, the Holland America Line Westerdam pulled into New York Harbor from Rotterdam carrying the seed of an automotive empire. It had been only four years since Volkswagen resurrected operations in Wolfsburg, the factory heavily ruined by Allied forces and now under the command of Major Ivan Hirst. The… »1/30/14 5:14pm1/30/14 5:14pm


Mirror-Finished Bugatti Veyron Blindingly Ushers in New Autostadt

Autostadt, the Volkswagen theme park surrounding the automaker's factory in Wolfsburg, Germany, reopened at the end of October with a stunning new centerpiece. The "Premium Clubhouse," showcasing Volkswagen's new multi-brand luxury division, features a flawless mirror-finished Bugatti Veyron »11/11/08 5:30pm11/11/08 5:30pm situated in a similarly…

Volkswagen's Command Center Is Like Minority Report, Minus The Cool

Recently installed at VW's Wolfsburg, Germany headquarters is this massive video wall that will help the IT control center manage all of VW's world-wide network. Remember in Minority Report when Tom Cruise is rocking that video wall with the awesome glove? Well, this system is kind of like that, but less technological… »4/08/08 3:45pm4/08/08 3:45pm

Volkswagen Viseo Student Project Speaks to You

With a gigantic screen draped over the body, removable trunk/suitcase and fold-up headlights, Marc Kirsch's thesis project project is approximately 3,000 times cooler than mine (Transit-Oriented Development in Suburban Markets). Designed in collaboration with the good folks in Wolfsburg, the three-seat electric car is… »11/13/07 10:00am11/13/07 10:00am

Value-Added? Wolfsburg Edition Passat Hits Showrooms, Takes A Bite Out Of Pricing

You know your "special edition" isn't really all that special when you're calling it that just because it gives the consumer a better price on up-sized options to create a higher-priced "base model" of your current vehicle. Exhibit A would be the "Wolfsburg Edition" of anything in the line-up of the automaker… »3/20/07 11:15am3/20/07 11:15am