Eight Hours for Work, Eight Hours for Rest and a Ford GT in the Garage: Autoworker buys Supercar

37-year Janesville, WI truck-plant worker David Leeder just plopped down nearly 176k on a Ford GT, noting that it's three times what he paid for his house. The 57-year-old autoworker has obviously reaped the benefits of UAW membership. Interestingly enough, the Janesville plant is owned by General Motors. We somehow… »6/16/06 3:00pm6/16/06 3:00pm

The Holistic Meter Man: Would You Like Some Healing With Your Penalty?

It's a job we couldn't stomach, that handing out parking tickets business. But Madison, WI meter man Kip Rosenthal takes a humanitarian view of his job, saying, ""It's very positive assisting people gain access to congested and convenient parking areas," he says. "It's a blast watching people overcome negative… »12/21/05 8:09pm12/21/05 8:09pm

More On The Wisconsin Genital Photo Placer: We Don't Wanna See This Guy's Wang

Did the authorities in Wisconsin really have to publicize Jeffrey Hein's mugshot? It must be traumatic enough for a woman to come out of the mall and find an unsolicited phallus photo on one's windshield. But then to find out that it was courtesy of this guy? Ugh. We've got the jeeblies just thinking about it, and… »11/09/05 2:33pm11/09/05 2:33pm

Do You Really Wanna be a Cop? Wisconsin Kids Busted For Flashing Lights

This article's an example of why we aren't newspaper reporters. Written in a stultifingly stiff style that even out-generics the Onion's intentional parodies of such things, the piece from Wisconsin's Lake Country Reporter just hints at the fun that could be had with the story if the poor writer was a blogger… »8/26/05 8:39am8/26/05 8:39am