Scarfing, Cellphone-Blabbing Driver Hits Cop Car, Surprised To Get Ticket

Justin D. Grill, 19, was just minding his own business, taking his '87 Crown Vic out for a little spin in Chippewa Falls. Oh sure, he had a sandwich in one hand and a cellphone in the other (no doubt delivering one of those riveting monologues that goes like "And so I MFFGP SMOFF told that sumbitch GLOOMPH NARF GLRMPH… »4/18/08 7:30am4/18/08 7:30am

Suspect Leads Chase Through Car Wash, Can't Clean Record

When you're 18 and and maybe drunk and have a girl with you, stopping for the police maybe doesn't sounds like a good idea. Your Honda Civic can totally outrun that Charger, right? Oh, and there's nothing smarter than driving through a gas station car wash. That'll totally lose them the Wisconsin coppers. And you'll… »12/18/07 9:15am12/18/07 9:15am