Audi plots wireless 4G broadband for its cars

While the debate boils in the United States about how many gadgets we should have in our dashboards, European makes are streaming ahead with broadband-quality wireless connections built-in. Will America lose an auto broadband race too? » 3/28/11 10:00am 3/28/11 10:00am

Wireless, Digital Tire Pressure Monitor Forever Eliminates…

It's winter, for crying out loud! Who wants to squat down on a frozen driveway while buffeted by subzero windchill to check their tire pressure with an old-skool gauge? Not me. Enter the TPMS-201, a great invention that caters to the lazy bastard in all of us. (Also caters to those people who don't own cars that… » 1/21/08 11:45am 1/21/08 11:45am

Strange Bedfellows: GM and Toyota Work on Automated Driving System

The General and the Emperor are comparing battle plans on a new, automated driving system that will help drivers stop banging into each other. According to Japan Times the system would be a competing entry among intelligent transport schemes the auto industry is developing to thwart congestion and prevent accidents.… » 10/03/05 11:28am 10/03/05 11:28am