Wireless, Digital Tire Pressure Monitor Forever Eliminates Auto-Related Plumber's Crack

It's winter, for crying out loud! Who wants to squat down on a frozen driveway while buffeted by subzero windchill to check their tire pressure with an old-skool gauge? Not me. Enter the TPMS-201, a great invention that caters to the lazy bastard in all of us. (Also caters to those people who don't own cars that… » 1/21/08 11:45am 1/21/08 11:45am

Are RFID Embedded Drivers Licenses Bad?

There has been a lot of talk about the new initiative to start including RFID chips in national identification cards or even in state-issued drivers licenses. Earlier in December four states — New York, Arizona, Washington and Vermont — agreed to begin using the Real ID RFID system in driver's licenses. Basically, it… » 1/04/08 8:00am 1/04/08 8:00am

Strange Bedfellows: GM and Toyota Work on Automated Driving System

The General and the Emperor are comparing battle plans on a new, automated driving system that will help drivers stop banging into each other. According to Japan Times the system would be a competing entry among intelligent transport schemes the auto industry is developing to thwart congestion and prevent accidents.… » 10/03/05 11:28am 10/03/05 11:28am