Canadian Man Blames Lost Chrysler Data Tape For Irrational Identity Theft Fears

A man from the Canadian city-to-the-south-of-Detroit, Windsor, Ontario, is miffed at Chrysler (or more likely Chrysler Financial Canada) for losing a data tape and potentially making the possibility of identity theft happen sooner rather than later. Seems a tape containing the names, addresses and Social Insurance… »4/24/08 9:40am4/24/08 9:40am

Project Car Hell, Limo Edition: 1957 Chrysler or 1981 Ferrari?

Can an American car- even a 60-year-old American car made by a long-defunct manufacturer- compete with an entry PCH Superpower Italy? Not according to our most recent Choose Your Eternity poll, in which the '38 Studebaker Dictator lost out to the '68 OTAS 820. That might have something to do with the fact that most… »3/31/08 5:15pm3/31/08 5:15pm

Not-So-Happy Valentine's Day! Is February 14th An Important Date For Chrysler Group CEO Tom LaSorda?

Chris Vander Doelen of the Windsor Star, the main newspaper of the Canuckian hamlet on the other side of the river from Detroit, claims he's got himself a source telling him when the get 'er done date for a Chrysler Group turnaround by Windsor's hometown hero, Tom LaSorda, needs to be under way. The CEO if the… »12/20/06 12:56pm12/20/06 12:56pm