Will Arnett Shows You What He Thinks Of Hollywood's Green Side

Most of this Human Giant sketch runs a little off topic, but it includes our new friend Will Arnett as a, we hope, slightly fictionalized version of himself making fun of Hollywood's need to advertise their interest in the environment by driving green cars. When that joke is complete you've got a video that's NSFW if… »3/21/08 1:00pm3/21/08 1:00pm

Jalopnik Hearts Will Arnett, Will Arnett Hearts Jalopnik

While hanging out at the Audi Forum event last night we bumped into our fair share of celebrities, including the cast of some show called Gossip Girl that the kids seem to enjoy. It was one of those events. But then one half of America's favorite comedy power couple, Will Arnett, arrived. We have an awkward almost man… »3/20/08 9:30am3/20/08 9:30am

The Real Reason Why Will Arnett Was Dropped As KITT?

There was a time when we thought Knight Rider might be saved by having WIll Arnett voice KITT. This was right before they announced Will Arnett would not voice KITT. The excuse they gave had to do with this other job as the voice of GMC Trucks. This clip from Arnett suggests that the producers may have been going in a… »2/19/08 9:40am2/19/08 9:40am

First Trailer For New Knight Rider Airs, Features New Shelby-fied KITT, Flashing Red Lights and Will Arnett

If anyone happened to have been watching NFL Football last night on NBC, they'd have seen a quick 15 seconds of promo reel that'll make their heart beat just a few seconds faster this morning. The rainbow-colored network dropped their first promo for the new Knight Rider TV movie. It was only a few seconds long,… »12/24/07 5:00am12/24/07 5:00am