Snowy Owl That "Enchanted" Washington DC Hit By Washington DC Bus

This strange and savage American winter has produced many oddities, and the appearance of Snowy Owls from the Arctic Circle has been the only delight in a season of ice and gloom. And then a Washington DC bus struck a beloved white owl a block away from the White House Rose Garden. » 1/30/14 12:50pm 1/30/14 12:50pm

MotoGP Shows Why You Don't Allow Animals On The Track

You would think that because a motorcycle is narrower it'd be easier to avoid hitting things on the track, but MotoGP racer Jorge Lorenzo proved that theory wrong today when he hit a poor seagull sitting on the course. Add it to the list of deer, eagles, and other woodland creatures. » 10/19/13 9:47am 10/19/13 9:47am