9 of the Weirdest Wikipedia Pages We've Ever Seen

With the right state of mind, enough time on your hands, and a can-do attitude/darkened worldview, your casual Wikipedia browsing can quickly devolve into hours spent amongst the site's weird, bizarre, and morbidly fascinating black holes. Making it virtually impossible to uncover all of the site's many dark and… »1/09/15 12:42pm1/09/15 12:42pm

Adventures In Wikipedia Fiction: The Origins Of The Michelin Man

The brilliance of Wikipedia »11/20/08 3:00pm11/20/08 3:00pm is vigorous peer review on even the most minute detail and completely humorless administrators. That genius produces a fairly reliable and constantly evolving public encyclopedia. Unfortunately, it also manages to kill some absolutely brilliant fiction in favor of maintaining the "truth"…