All In: Wiesmann GT Might Get M5's 507 HP V10

We've always dug the Wiesmann GT. It's exactly the sort of car we don't see enough of over here in Bush country: a mad, coachbuilt, ceviche-raw sportster. Though, reports say that's set to change come 2010. We've never driven a Wiesmann, but we'd imagine that with 362 horsepower drawn from a BMW-sourced 4.8-liter V8… » 8/22/07 9:15am 8/22/07 9:15am

Your Roadsters, Coupes Are Belong to US: Wiesmann to Make Play for American Market

We're in a coffee shop in midtown Manhattan, eyeballing the glum salarymen who come and go with calming regularity. If they only knew what we and AutoWeek know, their day would be irreversably brightened. It seems our favorite German coachbuilder, Wiesmann — creator of the $142,000 Wiesmann GT above and likewise… » 9/13/06 10:29am 9/13/06 10:29am

Wiesmann GT Coupe up for Germany's Design Award

The designers at Wiesmann seem to have never met a sexy curve they didn't render in sheetmetal. It's for that reason the company is up for lionization by Germany's Industrial Design Council, an offshoot of the country's Ministry of Silly Walks Economy and Technology, for its Wiesmann GT coupe. It's not the first… » 6/09/06 8:47am 6/09/06 8:47am