Stupid Teenager, You Can't Out-Rob A Jag Salesman

Teenagers do stupid things sometimes, which politicians refer to as 'youthful indiscretions.' Anthony Ryan Celso, who is 18 years old and thus legally an adult, walked into a Jaguar dealership in Livermore, CA and demanded the keys to a brand new convertible (after stealing another car and robbing a check-cashing… » 2/22/07 11:05am 2/22/07 11:05am

Today's Bold Move: Montreal Dealer Opens on Weekends, Gets Attacked

Those nutty French Canadians are at it again. Montreal is apparently one of the only places in North American where you can't buy a new car on the weekend. The regulation is part of an agreement between all new car dealers aimed at reducing work hours for dealership employees. Claude Leclair, owner of Pie IX Dodge… » 2/20/07 11:30am 2/20/07 11:30am

Canadian Man Ticketed For Driving BBQ Tank-Powered Car

Cars powered by propane aren't exactly rare, a number of manufacturers offer such flex-fuel vehicles. What you don't see a lot of these days is the homemade variety. Thursday, Sarnia police spotted a 53-year-old man driving a car with a protruding hood, which appeared to be blocking the driver's view. Upon closer… » 2/19/07 11:17am 2/19/07 11:17am