Widebody Challengers From Classic Design Concepts Debuting at SEMA

Here's some hotness bound for the endless halls of SEMA »11/03/08 3:20pm11/03/08 3:20pm — a pair of heavily massaged widebody s by Classic Design Concepts. Outside, the s get shaker hoods, a very snazzy wire mesh grille, and extra wide composite fenders which are particularly slick in the back, presenting a bulged-out version of the famous billboard…

Fab Design Takes Benzes to Eleven In Tastelessness, Your Bank Account To Zero

Just like in the movie Spinal Tap, Fab Design, a tuning company with seemingly no ability to stop once it gets rolling, took something which in principle is a good idea, and ran down a dark and occasionally hilarious path with it. Customizing already high-end Mercedes Benzs seems like it would be pretty tough, and… »3/05/08 8:20am3/05/08 8:20am