The Best White Cars Of All Time

White used to be the color of appliances. Of refrigerators, of microwaves, of things you used that have a utilitarian purpose, and nothing more. Now though, things are different. White is the color of supercars and hypercars, of showing off and looking oh-so-good. » 8/04/13 4:00pm 8/04/13 4:00pm

Consumers Pick White As Most Popular Car Color... Again

North American car buyers again chose white as the most popular new car color for 2008, besting silver for the second year in a row in DuPont's study of color popularity with 20% of car purchases. Is this mere color preference or pointing to a deeper trend? » 12/09/08 11:45am 12/09/08 11:45am

What Car Looks Best In White?

Yesterday, you all answered the question "What car looks best in black?" But that's easy. There were a few standouts, but almost every car looks better in black. Today we're going to make things a little rougher on you. What looks good in white? Some cars look fantastic in white, but others just look cheap. A Starion… » 3/07/08 11:30am 3/07/08 11:30am