We Tried This Whiskey-Enhancing Stick of Wood So You Don't Have To

Whiskey is in my blood. Not literally—well maybe a little right now—but since my dad's side of the family is from Scotland and I grew up in Tennessee, I like to take the spirit seriously. So when I heard of a gadget that would make cheap whiskey taste top shelf, I was pretty excited. Until I tried it. »10/17/14 5:13pm10/17/14 5:13pm


Commenter Of The Day: Bushmills? That's Protestant Whisky!

This week was supposed to be all about the ongoing Amerigasm in advance of the 4th of July weekend. We've had the best car commercials and our favorite American patrol cars as well as a tribute to the Dodge Charger Police Spec and The Blues Brothers. We're all about the U.S. of A. But then one of you had to go and be… »7/01/08 7:15pm7/01/08 7:15pm