Wheelchair Uses Lasers To Automatically Dock In Van

Researchers at Lehigh University are developing a way to make it easier for wheelchair-bound individuals to dock a wheelchair in the back of a minivan. The system utilizes lasers and radio frequency technology to automatically guide a wheelchair onto the forklift-style platform that is in the rear of the van. This is… » 5/06/08 1:00pm 5/06/08 1:00pm

Be Careful Of Wheelchair-Bound Hitchhikers When Driving Your Semi In…

I'll be traveling through the lovely little southwestern Michigan town of Paw Paw on Saturday, and you can bet I'll be happy I won't be driving a semi-truck. We've heard the town's home to a roving gang of wheelchair-rolling hitchhikers employing a unique brand of thumbing it. They'll just roll right out in front of… » 6/07/07 10:45am 6/07/07 10:45am

Wheelchair Wheels: The Hungarian Kenguru

The Coolhunter bagged some new prey, a minicar designed for people in wheelchairs. It's the Hungarian-designed Kenguru, and we'd have sworn we'd already posted on it — but there's no record to confirm we've got more than a minor case of d j vu. The driver simply wheels up into it, locks in place, grabs the joystick… » 6/22/06 7:51am 6/22/06 7:51am