Crazy people change two wheels while driving the car

Why stop to change your tires when you can keep driving on two wheels and have your passengers go out the car to change them as you keep driving? Sploid reader Officer Mike posted a video similar to this on the comments. Apparently, this is something common in arab countries: It's called hagwalah. » 4/21/14 2:17pm 4/21/14 2:17pm

Clampers Trapped As Furious Brits Demand Full Release

Residents of an exclusive new apartment complex in Sussex awoke Monday to find a couple of burly guys slapping wheel clamps on their cars. Did they let things slide? Hell no they didn't. The complex had apparently done the worst job ever at getting its residents their parking passes and the fellows were there to put… » 2/21/08 4:15pm 2/21/08 4:15pm

Logitech PS3 Driving Wheel Simulates Over, Understeer

Gran Turismo 5 may still be a little ways off, but Logitech is already jumping to have an official steering wheel available for this long-anticipated PlayStation 3 title. It was developed by Logitech and Polyphony Digital, and includes a lot of features that will tighten the trousers of any driving enthusiast. » 2/21/08 11:00am 2/21/08 11:00am

Tire Separates From Race Car, Reattaches To Race Car

If there was ever a reason to sit through a minute of Real TV build up, this is it. Many dirt track stock car races have at least a couple of crashes, it's that possibility and the Keystone Light that makes the experience interesting. We imagine more than a few of said inebriated fans couldn't believe their eyes… » 1/07/08 2:45pm 1/07/08 2:45pm