David Beckham Drives A Lot Of Cars

He's been seen in a variety of exotics, including a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe (that even ended up unintentionally getting an employee at the dealership fired, but we like to think he's most comfortable-looking bending his Jeep Wrangler through the streets of Los Angeles, kid in tow. » 1/31/09 4:57pm 1/31/09 4:57pm

Conan O'Brien Drives A SHO Taurus

Conan O'Brien's a car guy, and given his age, he obviously is the right fit for only one or two performance cars (re: 1980s). His weapon of choice? None other than the Ford Taurus SHO. We're not sure if he still owns it, but if he doesn't, here's a picture of him from a better time. » 1/31/09 4:47pm 1/31/09 4:47pm

Will.i.am Drives A Tesla Roadster

When he's not hanging out with Anderson Cooper as a hologram on CNN election night coverage, Will.i.am drives a Tesla Roadster. Yes, he's one of the few who's actually been able to get one. » 1/31/09 4:46pm 1/31/09 4:46pm

Ewan McGregor Drives A Toyota Prius And Land Rover Defender

As a daily driver, McGregor switches between a Land Rover Defender and a Toyota Prius. Hmm. Well, we're guessing maybe he thinks they cancel each other out or something. » 1/31/09 4:46pm 1/31/09 4:46pm

Lauren Conrad Drives An Audi R8

Lauren Conrad, who also stars in some MTV TV show called "The Hills" and another show about Laguna Beach, drives an Audi R8. Is it just us, or did she just become really hot to us? No wait, it's the R8. » 1/31/09 4:28pm 1/31/09 4:28pm

Sienna Miller Drives An Audi TT

This year, Sienna Miller appeared in the film version of writer Michael Chabon's novel, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, also starring Peter Sarsgaard and filmed The Edge of Love, with friend Keira Knightley, a biopic of Dylan Thomas in which she plays his wife Caitlin. » 1/31/09 4:28pm 1/31/09 4:28pm

Larry David Drives A Toyota Prius

Pretty much what you'd expect from Hollywood's biggest complainer — Larry David does, in fact, drive a Toyota Prius. Although he donated his old one for environmental awareness, apparently he's now got a new one. » 1/31/09 4:15pm 1/31/09 4:15pm

Audrina Patridge Drives A Mercedes SL

The busty castmember of some MTV show called "The Hills" drives around Beverly Hills in a white Mercedes SL. We're now hearing she's beginning work on her very own E! Entertainment Reality show named "Audrina." Wow, those nude photos of her that surfaced back in March of last year must really be helping the ol'… » 1/31/09 3:51pm 1/31/09 3:51pm

Kendra Wilkinson Drives A DUB Edition Cadillac Escalade

Playboy playmate and reality television "star" Kendra Wilkinson drives a DUB-ed out Cadillac Escalade. Well, at least she did until it was stolen. [via DUB] » 1/31/09 3:51pm 1/31/09 3:51pm

Kim Kardashian Drives A Bentley Continental, Range Rover

Kim Kardashian, the not-really-a-star- but-still-somehow-a-celebrity-because -she-likes-to-take-her-clothes-off-on-camera, drives both a Bentley Continental as well as a Range Rover, both tuned by Platinum Motorsport. » 1/31/09 3:50pm 1/31/09 3:50pm