Genesis Crossover/Wagon Not Expected Anytime Soon, Hyundai Deprives Countless Dozens From Buying Another Boring-UV

After our news earlier on the XL-sized Genesis, here's the second piece of news-like rumor-busting for the day: We've been told by Dr. Hyun-Soon Lee, President of R&D at Hyundai, that despite the rumors — and whether it be called a crossover, wagon or whatever-UV — don't expect to see another form factor from Hyundai… »5/07/08 8:45am5/07/08 8:45am


Hyundai Shakes Loose Details On Extended-Wheelbase Genesis

As many of you guessed, I'm out here on the Southern tip of the Korean peninsula at the behest of the Mechanics who are quite Popular, getting the scoop on the new Hyundai [REDACTED]. While the driving impressions on the new [REDACTED] from the folks at Hyundai (Yes, Hyundai) are embargoed for a bit, there was other… »5/07/08 6:19am5/07/08 6:19am