Tanner Foust To Replace Travis Pastrana In ROC After Recent Injury

Confirmation of Travis Pastrana's recent hip and ankle injury comes today in a press release announcing he'll be replaced in this weekend's Race of Champions by fellow Rally America driver Tanner Foust. » 12/11/08 11:00am 12/11/08 11:00am

Ekstrom Bests Schumacher, Wins Race of Champions

Super Swede DTM racer Mattias Ekström defeated the apparently fallible Michael Schumacher in the finals at the Race of Champions, which took place at the new Wembley Stadium in England this weekend. It was a furious battle, with each picking up a win in the first two events. But Ekström, who won last year, built up a… » 12/17/07 10:15am 12/17/07 10:15am