Woman Arrested After Biting Driver During Parking Spot Dispute

A California woman was arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon Thursday after she bit another woman in an altercation started over a parking space (shown above). The arrest was made after police discovered multiple bite marks were found on the chest and arm of 32-year-old Sara Gillian's unidentified victim. »4/21/12 9:00am4/21/12 9:00am


British Tycoon Abandons $150K Maserati In London Car Pound After Racking Up Almost $10K In Fines

Bertrand Des Pallieres, millionaire UK businessman and manager of the SPQR hedge fund, racked up 65 congestion charge penalties and dozens of parking fines on his limited edition £80,000 ($158,600) Maserati GranSport without tax. His car was towed away from a square in Knightsbridge, West London, in late May and taken… »8/22/07 8:30am8/22/07 8:30am

Be Careful Of Wheelchair-Bound Hitchhikers When Driving Your Semi In Paw Paw

I'll be traveling through the lovely little southwestern Michigan town of Paw Paw on Saturday, and you can bet I'll be happy I won't be driving a semi-truck. We've heard the town's home to a roving gang of wheelchair-rolling hitchhikers employing a unique brand of thumbing it. They'll just roll right out in front of… »6/07/07 10:45am6/07/07 10:45am

Surprisingly Sober Dad Locks Kids In Car Trunk For Vacation

Not content to let the Australians beat us in the category of "worst parents," an Oregon man was arrested yesterday for locking two of his kids in his car's trunk for the family vacation. The small car he was driving didn't have room for himself, his fiancee and his four kids so he did the reasonable thing and stowed… »4/02/07 5:00pm4/02/07 5:00pm

Frankie Muniz Graduates to Champ Car Atlantic, Will Never Graduate From College

Honestly, if you were 21 and had millions of dollars and nothing better to do you'd propose to your 27 year-old hairdresser girlfriend and start racing cars, too. Frankie Muniz, star of Malcolm in the Middle, has graduated from the Formula BMW USA series to the Champ Car Atlantic Series and will be racing for Jensen… »3/30/07 3:08pm3/30/07 3:08pm

Who Is Driving Car? OMG, No One Driving Car? How Can That Be?

Everyone loves a good April Fools Joke (remember the ESPN aluminum bat hoax?), especially the guys and gals over at SEAT Sport UK. The racing team that operates the SEAT Leon in the BTCC has a story on their website that is "strictly embargoed until April 1" about a remote controlled SEAT possibly competing in the… »3/28/07 3:30pm3/28/07 3:30pm