The Ten Best Car Design Elements Of All Time

Proving that decades of automotive history and design can be summarized and exemplified in a few small details, we, with the help of our readers » 10/28/08 4:00pm 10/28/08 4:00pm, have isolated the ten best car design elements of all time. These are ten aesthetic features that represent eras, movements and philosophies in automotive design. Not only…

Maximum Wedge: Triangular Custom Is GM Retiree's Ride

It's got three windshield wipers, interior fabric made of royal-blue bathroom rugs, and a windshield banner that reads "Wedge." No, it's not a Pontiac Aztec bisected at one of its acute angles; it's a roadster, custom-built by a now-retired GM designer. The guy fabricated it in the late 1970s from dozens of GM office… » 11/16/06 1:51pm 11/16/06 1:51pm