Today I Learned Buick Created A Website Before There Was Even A Web

The other day I was looking through a box of old Apple II diskettes (I was trying to find this, to explain to my wife who Dr.J is) when I found something I had forgotten all about: a 1986 disk from Buick that is, essentially, a website that predates the web. I loaded the 26 year old disk into my old Apple //c, and,… »3/23/12 4:00pm3/23/12 4:00pm


HOLY CRAP: Car Buyers Use teh Online, Automakers Dumbfounded

So there exists this vast database of knowledge called the Internet. It's free to access (for the most part, unless you're at Starbucks or in Europe) and as a consumer you've been able to use it for research in purchasing decisions since the mid 90's. Then why does it seem automakers are completely dumbfounded by… »10/18/06 3:35pm10/18/06 3:35pm

All Your Blogs Are Belong To Ford: FoMoCo Makes A Bold Blog Buy, Jumps On The Cluetrain

Looks like FoMoCo wants to make a "Bold Move" in the blogosphere so badly it's decided to buy its way in. The Dearborn, MI-based automaker recently made a purchase of ad space on 400 blogs running BlogAds ad boxes. The ads are appearing on urban-hipster sites like Gothamist, as well as environmental-themed sites like »8/09/06 2:32pm8/09/06 2:32pm

No Pricing On The Dodge Caliber SRT4. But Hey, They've Got Themselves A Website!

How badly do we want to drive a 300hp, 260 lb-ft torque Caliber SRT4? Well, when one of us was the fat kid in high school, there was this gorgeous, busty, and curly-haired redhead a year older than us. She was one of those girls who lit up the hallway with her smile, her voice and oh, those...curls. Despite being… »3/23/06 6:28pm3/23/06 6:28pm

Pretty Sneaky Panke: Google Slaps BMW for Alleged Search Engine Baiting

A few days ago, Google-related blog Google Blogoscoped pointed out BMW's web trick to gain high placement on Google results for used cars, or "gezundtheitwagen" (or thereabouts). Now, Google has dropped the company's page ranking in retribution for its alleged attempt at scamage. According to Blogoscoped, now… »2/07/06 8:22am2/07/06 8:22am