ToMoCo + FoMoCo = FUBARMoCo? Wert Goes Not-So-Live, But Local In Detroit

Wert actually had a pundigasm (yes, we'll drop a buck in the hackneyed phrase jar) last night — going from CNBC to WDIV, the local NBC affiliate in Detroit, to talk about a partnership between ToMoCo and FoMoCo. And guess what — the best part's when they cut Wert off after he says "hybrid" — because he didn't have… »12/27/06 8:45am12/27/06 8:45am

Bless You Boys (And Girls) At DaimlerChrysler For Making The Only PT Cruiser One Of Us Could Ever Love

We're all pretty excited here in Motown about our beloved Detroit Tigers. It's been 22 years since we've been to the classic of fall classics, the World Series — and people have gone so cracker-jack crazy over our "boys" — DaimlerChrysler decided it'd be a good idea to get a piece of that PR action themselves. The… »10/17/06 10:44am10/17/06 10:44am