Why You Never Smash A Can of WD-40

Sure, it's great to lubricate with, but now we know exactly why we never tried this one at home. Actually, it's kind of like the Darwin Awards caught on camera. Or a Hoon of the Day without a car. [via Gizmodo] » 7/20/07 5:15pm 7/20/07 5:15pm

WD-40, Now with Smart Straw

Oh happy, joyous, carefree day of days. To anyone who has ever replaced a nearly full can of WD-40 because they lost the red straw (or worse, stolen a replacement straw from a can on the store shelf — you know who you are, cretin), raise an aerosol can in a silicone-y salute. The WD-40 people recently issued a press… » 10/26/05 5:15pm 10/26/05 5:15pm