Ford's Way Forward 2.0: New Mustangs Every Year

Tucked inside Ford's Way Forward press announcement this morning was a bit of info we'd like to gnaw on like the car-happy rodents we are. It's this: "Ford will continue to lead America's sports car market with new Mustang derivatives each year." New Mustang derivatives, eh? Motor Trend says a new Boss Mustang is… » 9/15/06 6:13pm 9/15/06 6:13pm

Breaking! UAW Releases Details On The Ford Bold Buyout, Including…

So we're starting to come to the conclusion here there's two parts to this whole Way Forward plan — part one is to do like GM did with GMAC, and raise money by selling off Aston Martin and pieces of Ford Credit. We're hoping we'll find out more about that part tomorrow morning. But hopefully, the influx in cash will… » 9/14/06 7:46pm 9/14/06 7:46pm

Breaking! Ford's Way Forward 2.0: The Markets And The New York Times…

Despite the completion of today's FoMoCo board meeting, there's no official word yet from the Dearborn-based- and-still-Number-2 automaker on version 2.0 of the company's Maotastic Way Forward plan. The automaker's instead got a press conference planned for early tomorrow morning (issuing a release at the ungodly… » 9/14/06 3:12pm 9/14/06 3:12pm

Big Bill Ford's FoMoCo Shake-Up: Anyone Seen Mark Fields?

So Big Bill Boss is stepping aside (sorta) to let Alan Mulally take a shot at the helm of FoMoCo, but what's going to happen to Bill's hand-picked management team? He's elevated folks like Mark Fields to run NorAm operations, Anne Stevens to COO for the Americas, and he's even brought in folks like Steve Hamp as his… » 9/06/06 9:43am 9/06/06 9:43am

Breaking! Ford To Expand Buyouts To All North American Factory Workers

Both Bloomberg News and the Freep are reporting that FoMoCo is quickening the pace of its Way Forward turnaround plan and extending buyout offers to every factory worker in North America. Basically, if you're a worker bee at a FoMoCo plant — guess what, your ass is eligible for a buyout. Not the worst idea,… » 8/21/06 1:56pm 8/21/06 1:56pm

All Your Blogs Are Belong To Ford: FoMoCo Makes A Bold Blog Buy, Jumps…

Looks like FoMoCo wants to make a "Bold Move" in the blogosphere so badly it's decided to buy its way in. The Dearborn, MI-based automaker recently made a purchase of ad space on 400 blogs running BlogAds ad boxes. The ads are appearing on urban-hipster sites like Gothamist, as well as environmental-themed sites like » 8/09/06 2:32pm 8/09/06 2:32pm

FoMoCo Says Mo' Cuts Coming: Ford Looking For A Way Forward

There once was a time when quality was job one at Ford, but according to Merrill Lynch analysts recently it's been more like "job two", right behind cost cutting through employee headcount reductions. When Merrill analyst John Murphy gave FoMoCo a bump from "sell" to "neutral" he said a part of the reason was he… » 7/26/06 4:46pm 7/26/06 4:46pm

Breaking! Way Forward Making Ford Debt Way Risky?

Investors in the credit markets are a finicky group. The pits of world credit markets are filled with highly-strested investment managers playing a high-stakes game of craps with debt instruments and detault insurance premiums. What with the daily ups and downs of the domestic auto industry, we can only guess the… » 6/23/06 12:59pm 6/23/06 12:59pm