Watkins Glen Is Fantastic Because Of Everything That's Not At The Track

I often get stuck in the trap of “I am here for a race weekend!” and don’t get to see much beyond the track itself and where I’m staying. I might make it to the local Denny’s at 1 a.m., but that’s about it. Do not fall into that trap with Watkins Glen. You will regret it and kick yourself until you can go back.
» 7/04/15 4:49pm 7/04/15 4:49pm

Florida Car Brings Hurricane Of Winning To Wet And Cold New York Race

I don’t think the Florida tourism folks could have paid for a more perfect ad than the one they got today. Everyone toughing it out at the 6 Hours of the Glen in New York is freezing their nuts off in the unseasonably cold rain, and Richard Westbrook just drove their Florida-branded car to a win here today.
» 6/28/15 5:06pm 6/28/15 5:06pm

A Couple Of Texans Racing In The Cold Up North Got The Jalopnik Bump

If there’s anyone who needs the Jalopnik bump for a race that will probably be cold, wet and miserable tomorrow, it’s a car driven by a pair of Texans. Look out for the Murillo Racing Cayman in the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge race this weekend at Watkins Glen. » 6/26/15 3:51pm 6/26/15 3:51pm

I'm Going To The 6 Hours Of The Glen To Watch Race Cars Avoid Blue Walls

I’m off to one of the most historic race tracks in America for the third round of the North American Endurance Cup: the 6 Hours of the Glen. Watkins Glen is one of the toughest, most unforgiving circuits on the United SportsCar schedule, and we’ll see who wins—and who eats the pastel blue wall.
» 6/25/15 2:00pm 6/25/15 2:00pm

Six Things To Watch For In Today’s Tudor USCC Race At Watkins Glen

If you're anywhere in the U.S. watching Audis take the checkered flag, you'll probably find Brad Kettler and his crew. We caught up with him over breakfast to get a preview for today's Tudor USCC Six-Hour race at Watkins Glen, which starts at 11:15 AM this morning, to get a preview of the race. » 6/29/14 9:07am 6/29/14 9:07am