New Agency Replaces South Korean Coast Guard After Fatal Failures

South Korean President Park Geun-hye blamed egregious failures of the country's Coast Guard for the Sewol ferry tragedy, which claimed the lives of hundreds of schoolchildren. The President followed through on her plan to shut down the Coast Guard, and its replacement becomes operational this week. »11/18/14 10:36am11/18/14 10:36am

Sorority Girl Buying Bottled Water Ends Up Spending Night in Jail

A University of Virginia student had just bought some bottled water, cookie dough and ice cream for a sorority fundraiser when a group of people in plainclothes approached her car. One person jumped on her hood, another pulled a gun on her, and the student, logically, began trying to drive her car as fast as she could… »6/30/13 4:06pm6/30/13 4:06pm

How To Breathe Out Of A Tire And Prove Mythbusters Wrong

As many of you know, Jalopnik employs some very sophisticated user-monitoring software, so we know all about you. Which is why I feel confident in saying that, based on your demographic data, most Jalopnik readers will likely drive their cars deliberately into a lake, pool or other body of water at some point. And, as… »3/14/12 12:00pm3/14/12 12:00pm

New York Auto Show: Jeep Tent Gets Swamped, Trail-Rating In Jeopardy!

Right before the new Nitro Liberty reveal, we accidentally happened into the tent of the trail-rated brand, Jeep. You know it's getting bad for the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid when they're too busy trying to make sure their pretty Jeeps aren't getting all wet and dirty here at the Auto Show from all of… »4/04/07 5:01pm4/04/07 5:01pm

Water Engine for Real? Scientists Say H20-to-Hydrogen System Could Be Ready by Decade's End

In David Mamet's "The Water Engine," an amateur inventor derives an engine that runs on water, with which he plans to become rich and change the world. Too bad he's the only one in the whole play — including the audience — who doesn't know how forces beyond his control will conspire to extinguish his dream. Barring… »8/07/06 11:54am8/07/06 11:54am

Three Feet High and Rising: Northeast Flood Wrecks Roads

"We gotta head for higher ground, we can't come back till the water comes down. Five feet high and risin'."

»6/29/06 1:30pm6/29/06 1:30pm

Yeah, we just mixed a De La Soul reference with a Johnny Cash reference, but hey — at least we didn't throw in They Might Be Giants. The Northeast part of our grand nation is still under water and it's wreaking…

Now That's Some High Quality H20 — Car Runs On Water!

Our gadgety friends at Gizmodo tossed us this one — there's a company called Hydrogen Technologies, and they used distilled water in some kind of a chemical process to run a car. Here's the best part — it gets like 25 miles to the ounce! Someone's gotta get some protection over to these guys pronto before they get… »6/01/06 4:42pm6/01/06 4:42pm