DC Cabs To Get Meters Like The Rest Of The Country

Years ago I made the rookie, post-collegiate mistake of taking a cab in Prague. Burning a hole in my pocket were 700 or so Czech crowns, the then equivalent of five bucks. I only had a mile or so to go, but the cabbie started driving all over the place, eventually taking me far up into the hills. As the meter clicked… » 10/18/07 8:45am 10/18/07 8:45am

Flying Car Bursts into District Area Hechts, Flames

Our boy in DC, one CTE, tossed us a tip on a flying car in his woods of the neck as a hedge against further El Camino posts. He may have stemmed the tide, but that's all he's done — stem it momentarily. Meanwhile, the motorist, whose car made an amazing Robert E. Lee-style airborne charge escaped with minor injuries,… » 5/30/06 7:36pm 5/30/06 7:36pm

Woodrow Wilson's Rolls First Over New Woodrow Wilson Bridge

The only Rolls-Royce ever to be equipped with fourteen points and Princeton Orange pinstripes, Woodrow Wilson's Roller will lead the procession opening the new Woodrow Wilson bridge in Washington, DC. Rick Parker of Rockville, MD will chauffeur Transportation Secretary Norm Mineta, Virginia Gov Tim Kaine, Maryland… » 5/18/06 4:44pm 5/18/06 4:44pm

Georgetown Law Student Hits 126 MPH on GW Parkway; Will Not Pass Go Or Collect $200

Drew Hoffman, a 28-year-old Georgetown University law student was out doing what kids do — trying to impress the ladies. However he did what most kids aren't stupid enough to do — rev up his brand spankin' new Infiniti and zoom past the GHW Bush CIA Headquarters on the George Wash. Parkway at a lift-off speed of 126… » 5/12/06 11:31am 5/12/06 11:31am

Hi-Noble, Fez Up! Shriners Rock the Parade

Back when we were wee, family friends used to have a great block party every 4th of July. Fireworks, lotsa food, egg and water-balloon tosses, and of course, mandatory hoonage in mini-mini-minicars by area Shriners. Later on, Tipper Gore appeared on the scene and brought a certain record called Frankenchrist to our… » 2/21/06 11:04pm 2/21/06 11:04pm

Law Breaking the Law: License Plate Covers on DC Area Cop Cars

In Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia, license plate covers are illegal. In the District and MD, nothing can be covering the tag, while in Virginia, nothing tinted can cover the plate. So why do some area police cruisers and officers' personal vehicles sport plate covers? We're guessing for the same… » 11/08/05 6:36pm 11/08/05 6:36pm

Banned in DC: Private-Car Spaces Nixed in Favor of Car-Sharing Slots

We'd say that on average, every third time we talk to our man in the District the inimitable CTE the conversation comes around to the trials and tribulations of vehicle ownership in the land of taxation without representation. In an effort to encourage the use of car-sharing services in the city, local government has… » 10/19/05 10:00am 10/19/05 10:00am

Drinking and Driving in the District: DC's Booze Laws Draconian?

Debra Bolton ended up in the hoosegow over a glass of wine with dinner and a .03 blood-alcohol level. In Washington, DC, unlike most other areas of the country, if one's blood contains more than .01 percent joy juice, one can be found eligible for a night in the slammer if one apprehended while operating a motor… » 10/12/05 1:56pm 10/12/05 1:56pm