Flight Passengers Tackle Man Rushing For Cockpit Screaming "Jihad" 

A United Airlines flight bound for Denver was forced to return to Dulles International Airport Monday night after a passenger sprinting to the plane's cockpit allegedly yelling about jihad was subdued by a group of passengers. » 3/17/15 8:30am 3/17/15 8:30am

'Dozens' of School Buses Crash in D.C. Area After Schools Snub Snow Day

There were 'dozens' of school bus accidents in the Washington D.C. area this morning as a result of school districts making the bad decision to open schools on time despite a thick coating of snow on area roads. As usual, officials are blaming weather forecasters instead of taking responsibility for their actions. » 1/06/15 2:16pm 1/06/15 2:16pm

The Entire D.C. Area Is A Snow Clusterfuck Traffic Nightmare Right Now

Besides an obscenely overinflated cost of living, pretension, restaurants that are middling at best, high taxes, and its proximity to Virginia, the worst thing about Washington D.C. is its traffic. And today, on this snowy January morning, it is especially horrible. » 1/06/15 9:25am 1/06/15 9:25am

F-16s Escort Plane Carrying Dead Pilot Out To Sea - Updated

ABC News is reporting that a private plane mysteriously wound up in the ocean, after having entered restricted airspace in Washington, D.C. It was met by fighter jets, but did not respond. Speculations abound as to the cause of the crash. » 8/30/14 6:48pm 8/30/14 6:48pm

Watch D.C. Cops Save A Man Who Tries To Kill Himself, Changes His Mind

A 22-year-old man in Washington D.C. came very close to ending his own life on the tracks of the Metro, were it not for the quick actions of Transit Police and the driver of the train headed his way. » 8/27/14 3:38pm 8/27/14 3:38pm

Marion Barry Somehow Owes D.C. $2,800 In Traffic Tickets

Former Washington D.C. mayor, current D.C. city council member and current Mayor For Life Marion Barry is in some hot water with the government of the city he represents over a couple unpaid parking and speeding citations. And by "a couple," I mean "$2,800 worth." » 8/05/14 2:44pm 8/05/14 2:44pm

D.C.'s Mayor Is So Sick Of All These Darn Motorcades You Guys

Unless President Obama rolls into your town on the reg, you probably don't have to deal with traffic being shut down for motorcades that often. Unfortunately for residents of our nation's capital, that's a pretty regular occurrence, and the mayor has had enough! » 3/08/14 4:00pm 3/08/14 4:00pm

Screw NYC and LA, DC is Hell for Drivers

The beauty of being a car enthusiast is seeing cars as more than mere appliances. Unfortunately, this mentality doesn't always stretch to daily driving. There certainly are moments where my car is nothing more than a mere appliance, trudging through traffic, the dual clutch box more jerky than when I accidentally… » 2/25/14 2:50pm 2/25/14 2:50pm

Snowy Owl That "Enchanted" Washington DC Hit By Washington DC Bus

This strange and savage American winter has produced many oddities, and the appearance of Snowy Owls from the Arctic Circle has been the only delight in a season of ice and gloom. And then a Washington DC bus struck a beloved white owl a block away from the White House Rose Garden. » 1/30/14 12:45pm 1/30/14 12:45pm

Volkswagen XL1 At Katie's Cars And Coffee: December 7th, 2013

I debated not going to Katie's this morning since the turnout has dwindled due to the cold weather, however I knew Volkswagen HQ had both a Veyron and an XL1 on hand this week. I decided to come on the chance an XL1 did appear, despite my being told that it almost certainly would not come. Much to my delight, VW… » 12/07/13 1:43pm 12/07/13 1:43pm

Trucker Protest Gets Crazier with Lady Who Believes Obama Is Osama

Can this on-again, off-again trucker protest in D.C. get any fucking weirder than it already is? Yes, because anything is possible with speed. Despite one of the protest's organizers saying yesterday that the "Truckers Ride for the Constitution" rally was all a lie from the start, a rival organizer now says the… » 10/09/13 3:18pm 10/09/13 3:18pm

Hundreds Of Unused Government Cars Are Just Sitting Around D.C.

Washington D.C., that shining example of efficiency, is apparently full of hundreds of government-owned cars just sitting unused in their parking spaces, some with fewer than 1,000 miles on the clock. Great job, federal government! » 8/21/13 4:16pm 8/21/13 4:16pm

Woman Gives Birth On The Best Subway Platform Imaginable

Of all the places to have a baby, a subway platform is one of the worst. One woman gave birth today on the platform of the best metro station possible - L'Enfant Plaza in Washington D.C. » 8/01/13 12:50pm 8/01/13 12:50pm

A Fleet of Blimps Will Soon Serve as a Missile Shield Over Washington

A still-chilling consequence of post-9/11 America is that we remain all too aware of the fact that we could be attacked at any moment. And so with worst case scenarios in mind, the military is constantly upgrading our defense systems in increasingly creative ways. Washington DC is next in line. It's getting blimps. » 7/24/13 10:35am 7/24/13 10:35am

Bicyclist Hit By Taxi While Running Red Light On Mass Ride

The D.C. Bike Party strongly advises that two-wheeled participants in its group rides stay in a group, keep a reasonable speed, and always stop at red lights. This video shows what happens when you break those rules – you get totally smashed. » 6/19/13 9:18am 6/19/13 9:18am

Identify This Car And Help Catch The Hit-And-Run Driver Who Killed A…

Law enforcement agencies from across the U.S. have reached out to Jalopnik for help with car identifications since your input was critical to solving, among others, a hit-and-run last year. » 2/27/13 3:00pm 2/27/13 3:00pm

CATPUKE, MIHOLE, And 68 Pages Of Other Things Banned From DC's…

We're no strangers to motor vehicle departments restricting certain words from personalized license plates. Typically, genitalia, other sex themes, and things related to fecal matter and racism (same thing, really) are verboten. But what about words like PITA, SCOTCH, and RAIN? » 1/29/13 3:00pm 1/29/13 3:00pm

Obama Will Put D.C.'s Tax Protest Plates On The Presidential Limo

It's no secret that President Barack Obama and his Washington, D.C. neighbors are tight. With a population that's more than 50 percent black and a median age of 33, the President's more or less liberal reputation sits cozily within the city's demographics. » 1/17/13 5:40pm 1/17/13 5:40pm

D.C.'s Motorcycle Cops Are Cooler Than Your City's Cops Because They…

Around these parts, we like to rag on bikes by saying "two wheels bad." But for police officers, motorcycles are an invaluable law enforcement tool because they can go places cars can't — and they can get there much more quickly. » 12/15/12 11:00am 12/15/12 11:00am