Back Room Deals: Extended Warranties, Service Plans, and Other Extras

Most car buyers focus all of their defensive negotiating strategies with the salesperson. Once a price has been decided on they think, "Whew, the hard part is over, now I just have to sign the papers." If a buyer lets their guard down at this point, they can really get taken for a ride. » 2/05/14 10:08am 2/05/14 10:08am

This Guy's Wheel Self-Destructed And The Company Who Made It Is Blaming …

If you're buying wheels for your track car from a company that says things like "they're at home on the boulevard or on the racetrack" then it's reasonable to assume that the track is one of the expected places you'll be using those wheels. That means if the center of the wheel busts out while driving, you wouldn't… » 10/22/12 4:00pm 10/22/12 4:00pm

This Is Nissan's GT-R Launch-Control Warranty Settlement

When Nissan released its GT-R, buyers soon discovered that using the vehicle's launch-control feature led to a blown transmission and voided warranty. One owner started a class-action lawsuit and prevailed, but the rest may get screwed. Here's the official settlement. » 6/17/10 9:00am 6/17/10 9:00am

Nissan GT-R Owner Voids Warranty, Grenades $36K Engine

A member over at NAGTROC made the mistake of modifying his Nissan GT-R engine while it was still under its temperamental warranty. So, when he then broke the cylinder block, he was completely screwed. How it happened, plus pictures, below. » 2/01/10 11:00am 2/01/10 11:00am

GT-R Owner Busts Tranny Using Launch Control, Nissan Claims Issue Not…

Someone claiming to own a Nissan GT-R » 10/09/08 2:40pm 10/09/08 2:40pm has proclaimed on the North American GT-R Owners Club forums (NAGTROC) that his GT-R's transmission has broken after multiple uses of the vehicle's launch control function. The owner says that when the vehicle was then brought to the Nissan service center, where he was told the…

Warranty For Certified Used Porsches Improves To Two Years/50k Miles

Blurring the already subtle line between Porsches of new and those not-so-new, Porsche has declared that, starting this month, all certified used Porsche cars (and presumably that thing they call the Cayenne too) sold in the United States and Canada will be covered by a 50,000-mile/2-year warranty. That's almost as… » 8/11/08 6:00pm 8/11/08 6:00pm

Chrysler to Offer Lifetime Powertrain Warranty; Covers Most Cars and…

Yes, lifetime. Here are the deets from the press release:

The New Chrysler Lifetime Powertrain Warranty - the first from an OEM and the longest in the industry - is a statement of confidence in the reliability of Chrysler products
Warranty covers the cost of all parts and labor needed to repair covered powertrain… » 7/26/07 12:00pm 7/26/07 12:00pm

Chrysler Group Looking To Expand Warranty To 100,000 Miles?

The soon to be former 'merican side of the German-American hybrid's apparently looking to expand its warranty program to "better compete with 100,000-mile offers by rivals Hyundai Motor Co. and General Motors Corp." according to a report obtained by The Detroit News. This is a much higher level than the current warranty… » 6/13/07 4:15pm 6/13/07 4:15pm

Odo Problem Causes Honda to Extend Warranties

While the SAE says that odometer accuracy plus or minus 4% is within the realm of acceptability, Honda's setting a class action suit filed by owners of Accords bought between April 12, 2002 and November 7, 2006, by 5% after the vehicles' odos were found to be off as much as 3.75%, shorting the owners on their warranty… » 2/19/07 3:45pm 2/19/07 3:45pm

GM's Big Thing: 100,000 Miles / Five Years / Roadside Assistance /…

So we travelled downtown to hear what Slick Rick Wagoner had to say outside of the RenCen, and since we had another meeting down in the D — we figured we'd be able to kill two birds with one stone — and hell, maybe even lob a couple of questions at him while we were at it. So while we there, we ended up listening to… » 9/06/06 3:18pm 9/06/06 3:18pm