Your Ridiculously Awesome TVR Griffith Wallpaper Is Here

You'd be hard pressed to find many cars that are more insane than the stuff TVR used to make. One of my all-time Jeremy Clarkson quotes goes thusly: "In the olden days I always got the impression that TVR built a car, put it on sale, and then found out how it handled – usually when one of their customers wrote to the… » 12/22/12 5:00pm 12/22/12 5:00pm

Toyota Backs Down From Desktop Copyright Request

Toyota has contacted Jalopnik » 11/21/08 12:30pm 11/21/08 12:30pm and informed us their company's perplexing attempt to uploaded by users and hosted at was the result of an "internal miscommunication" and they they offered a sincere apology to those at the site involved in the fracas. This is a major reversal. As recently as Moday the company's…

Toyota Fights Web Site To Take Down User-Generated Desktop Backgrounds

The owner of DesktopNexus » 11/17/08 12:40pm 11/17/08 12:40pm, a major provider of user-generated desktop backgrounds on the web, was contacted by Toyota's lawyers and told any image featuring a Toyota, Scion or Lexus vehicle was property of Toyota and should be removed, including images created by users. As you'd imagine, the users at are not pleased…

Interior Design Mag Creates Ferrari Scaglietti Show Car

UK style council members caught unaware Ferrari's in-house coachworks can personalize a Ferrari Scaglietti to order, get out your Alexander McQueen pad and pencil sets. Ferrari's teamed with Walpaper* magazine on a show car to highlight the company's bespoke options. The driveway model's been finished in a "stunning… » 7/10/06 9:26am 7/10/06 9:26am