"Maximum" Bob Lutz To Wall Street: We Ain't No "Unsophisticated, Undereducated Midwestern Idiots"

From today's Detroit News: » 8/07/07 9:40am 8/07/07 9:40am

Your point is — what exactly? All of what Bob says is true — Wall Street absolutely thinks we're a bunch of hicks — but rather than complain and moan about it, why doesn't he come up with ways to change that belief? Don't actions speak louder than words? []

Wall Street Bonuses Drive Record Sales for Luxury Cars

Around these parts (NYC), Wall Street bonus season is a time when petty jealousies bubble over into full-blown, weapons-grade resentment. A good year — like 2005's blizzard of cash — spurs a joyful orgy of consumption to which only trophy wives and hawkers of wrist candy, McMansions, luxo-lofts and blingtastic cars… » 2/02/06 8:29am 2/02/06 8:29am