Walker Canada Makes Another Batch Of Driveshaft Through The Skull Shirts, Get Yours Now!

The last time »11/07/08 4:20pm Walker Canada printed up a batch of cheap Driveshaft Through The Skull shirts and I put them on eBay for him, they were gone in several hours. Nobody complained about the ink holding up poorly after multiple washes, but Walker figured he could do better and bought some better printing gear from a failed…

Creator Of Driveshaft-Through-The-Skull Design Takes 8th Place At LeMons South

While at the 24 Hours of LeMons South event, I saw four racing team members (on four different teams) wearing Driveshaft Through The Skull T-Shirts during the course of the weekend- pretty impressive, given that we only made 84 of them and they were shipped all over the world. The proud wearers of those shirts might… »7/30/08 2:00pm