Runaway Recycling Truck Creates Havoc In Welsh Town, No Vowels Damaged

It was a rough day for a pair of waste workers in Ynysybwl, Wales. They were picking up recycling bags on the top of a hill in the tiny village when their truck mysteriously went out of control. The driver was in the runaway rig as it suddenly accelerated down the hill and towards a school bus. Luckily, he was able to… »4/09/08 7:30am4/09/08 7:30am

Welsh Device Huffs Tailpipe CO2 To Feed Biodiesel-Making Algae

The idea of a little box that can capture most of the carbon dioxide in a car's exhaust and hold it in an easily-extracted inert state sounds plenty appealing, and the Greenbox claims to do just that. Sure, there's a hint of cold-fusion-style nutcasery about it (coal-burning power plants have a helluva time grabbing… »7/23/07 3:40pm7/23/07 3:40pm

Welsh Officials Order Bad Driver's Cars Destroyed

A 51 year-old Wales man has been jailed for five months and a judge has ordered his vehicles destroyed after he was caught driving on a suspended license. Laurence Dunne had been involved in two apparently minor hit-and-run accidents over the last few months and had his motoring privileges revoked. However, five days… »10/14/05 10:36am10/14/05 10:36am