WSJ: General Motors To Cut 15% Of Salaried Workforce By November

The Wall Street Journal is reporting GM plans to remove another 5,000 salaried workers from payrolls by November as part of its re-restructuring announced earlier this month. The cuts would amount to about 15% of GM's North American white-collar staff, continuing what has become a 40% salaried headcount reduction… »7/31/08 10:00am7/31/08 10:00am

Jalopnik Crashes GM's New Global Powertrain Engineering Center In SE Michigan

In a move that GM Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner described as "A major step forward for General Motors," the company today dedicated its new Global Powertrain Engineering Development Center. The center is located in Pontiac, MI, spitting distance from the defunct Silverdome — the former home to the Detroit Lions, and… »7/25/08 5:00pm7/25/08 5:00pm

GM To Employ Duct Tape, Rush Production Volt To Stage By September

GM is accelerating development of the 2010 Chevy Volt in an attempt to ready the production version for a reveal as the company celebrates its 100th anniversary in September. Although we know GM desperately needs a cutting-edge Prius-killing success to stem the sales slide, given past RenCen rush jobs, we're not sure… »7/08/08 10:20am7/08/08 10:20am

Detroit Auto Show Preview: Who Killed the What Now? GM to Unveil Electric Car

One of our favorite Simpsons was when Mr. Burns got the one billion dollar bill and him, Smithers and Homer flee to Cuba. They hook up with Castro who wants to have a look at the filthy lucre. Mr. Burns isn't sure, but Homer tells him, "C'mon Mr. Burns — you can trust Castro." So, Burnsey hands Fidel the bill and the… »1/07/07 4:24am1/07/07 4:24am

LA Auto Show: Wagoner Drops Bomb; GM To Abandon Steam Power!!

Kicking off the 100th Anniversary of the Los Angeles Auto Show, hizzoner Antonio Villaraigosa asked Rapping Rick to move GM to Los Angeles. Rick said no. More importantly, Wagoner assured the booze hounds assembled journalists that General Motors is committed to "energy diversity." And that means, gasoline, E85,… »11/29/06 12:50pm11/29/06 12:50pm